Wednesday, August 01, 2007

5-Year Old Meets Day Camp

Our son LOVES Day Camp! We signed him up for a Day Camp run by our local school district in order to prep kids for Kindergarten. He goes for about 3 hours a day, and comes home singing new songs and showing us how to play new games. He's made a wonderful poster about his favorite pet for sharing time on Friday. (That was homework.) This is just a week-long camp, and something tells me he will wish he had more things to fill his days next week, when camp is over. This bodes well for Kindergarten. I love that he is thriving in his first venture into the world beyond our home. (Well, he did have a short pre-school session before Christmas, and that went well, but he is clearly so much more READY for school now.) It's a frightening and sad time for us, as parents, to let him out into the world, but it is also exciting, especially as we see his enthusiasm at the opening of this big, new world. Let's hope Kindergarden is all it should be for him, and the start of a childhood full of positive educational experiences.


Quirky said...

Glad your son is enjoying the day camp. I wish I could go to camp - singing songs, drawing pictures - what could be more fun?!

patti_cake said...

I agree it is scary for us as parents. I'm wrestling right now with signing Madison up for dance class. She'll be 3 in October.
It's wonderful that Kelton is enjoying his daycamp so much!