Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Thoughts of a Tuesday Morning

My printer does not smell like a fish processing vessel this morning.

I need new work/school pants.

Why do roots grow down and leaves grow up? I know the basic ideas behind this very useful set up, but WHY? Do they ever get confused?
(Son and I planted a bean that recently sprouted that had been a day camp science project.) What if you inverted the container, say, a cup, and held the soil in with a cap of some sort? My guess is the roots would still seek the nutrients in the soil and the leaves would still seek the daylight/air/ CO2. Might be fun to try.

I've read that Croc may not be that great for your feet even if they are really comfy. Makes me feel like less of a weirdo that my knock-off Croc hurt my feet. (Now, ones I have that are shaped a bit more like real shoes, but are the foam material - those I love!)

If people buy property to later sell at a profit, it is investment property, right? What if you buy a computer to start a business, and end up making money? Is that also investment property? (Not in the sense of "real property", of course, but in the sense of personal owership of an item?

Maybe I should eat something :)

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