Monday, August 20, 2007

What Happened to Summer?

Uh...hello...I know the calendar says August 20th, but we have not had enough sunny days yet for that to be correct. Summer cannot possibly be almost over. Nope. Not buying it. There should still be days to hop on a motorcycle, strap on a pair of Wiley X sun glasses, and hit the open road. Oh, right. The kids. OK, well, there should be time to whip out the Slip-n-Slide and cool down on some way too hot days.

I'm not so much ready to go back to school yet. I'm having fun coming home to my family, seeing my kids every day, playing after dinner every night. I'm excited to start my Environmental Law and Energy Law classes, but not so excited that it means trading off my family time.

Well, there's always the weekends. Remember, Sunday is family day. Always. No excuses. No exceptions. That's a good tip for any first-years reading this. Keep one day for your family. Always. That way, you'll hopefully still have a family after earning those fancy letters after your name.

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