Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quick Law Books Question

I am getting ready to sell my used books and wondered if anyone had heard (or experienced) any good reasons to keep any case books, study guides (E&E, Crunchtime, Law in a Flash) for bar prep. (I know the pretty red and brown case books would make lovely wall decorations for a future library, but think the cash might be more useful now!) I'm thinking the case books are going, but just not sure about the study guides. I imagine they will go too since books designed for bar prep will probably be more useful for that purpose. (Our school doesn't take back study guides until after the first month, or so. Guess they don't want to lead 1L's astray from their case books, or maybe they simply don't have the space. That theory works, too.)



bschmalz77 said...

I took the bar last month. Saved all my books "just in case" and never cracked them open. If you are going to work and study and go to BarBri and assist in parenting/keeping your spouse sane during bar exam time (as I did) you probably will not even have time to dust the books off let along read them - sell them while they are still worth $$

judgment proof said...

I just took the bar and if you are doing BarBri you don't need study guides. Also, the study guides describe the general federal law as you learned it in law school, and will NOT contain the state-specific rules that the Bar exam is looking for. Sell the study guides. I only saved some of mine because my fiance is starting law school now and I wanted to save him the expense of buying them.
My theory about waiting for the used study guides at school is that they want a month for the new, full priced study guides to be bought by 1l's and other people who don't want to wait.

Dakota said...

bschmalz77 and judgment proof -
Thanks for the advice. Glad I was thinking along the right lines! I've got 5 books in a bag ready to go to the bookstore today. I estimate the weight at about 250 lbs! *grin*