Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 Ways that Law School and Parenting are Alike

I was thinking this morning that law school and parenting are more similar than people might believe. Check this out:

1) No matter how much you prepare, sometimes you are going to feel terribly inadequate.

2) If you do your reading, you will feel better able to handle the tasks at hand, but you still may not know the right answers.

3) Both are challenging and rewarding.

4) In both cases, you are going to spend a ton of money.

5) In both you earn a special title, and going through the ordeal is the only way to get the title.

6) There will always be unexpected challenges that call on you to do your best, and may still shake the very foundations of all you thought you ever knew.

7) Expressing yourself in the clearest manner possible based on your audience is crucial.

8) What YOU think is the best way of doing things may not be the accepted manner and you will have to adjust and be flexible for the overall good of the task at hand.

9) Tasks frequently take way longer than you thing they will.

10) Both consume your life in ways you hadn't imagined.

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Anonymous said...

I found this entry after throwing "law school" and "parenting" into Google. Thank you! It gives me some vague sense of hope.

I am starting my first year of law school in a week. My husband is a world-class stay-at-home dad to our one-year-old, but I'm still so nervous about balancing law school and parenting...don't want to be a half-assed law student or an absentee mom...

Anyway, it's posts like yours that make me think I'm up for the challenge!