Monday, August 20, 2007

No, really, I mean it, it's not the end of August

Yes, yes, there are already two posts on this general theme, but I know that I am onto something. I think there are some missing days that happened somewhere near the middle of July.....then we skipped to about the second week of August. Am I right? Maybe we need to do some market research on this. There might be missing days occuring all over the country, the world even, and if we were to find those days, we'd probably end up with a year or more. Is that a possible way to reverse the effects of aging, global warming and George Bush?

Ewwww....I can't believe I just typed that name into my blog. I feel like I did that day after I watched "Scott Baio is 45...and Single." I'll be going to take a shower now.

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Lynilu said...

Oh, please tell me that the reversing effects is real, Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!