Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting Lucky with My Law Books

That title didn't really come out right, did it?

What I mean is that so far I have only had to buy one real book for my classes, and I got that one used, paying only $80 instead of $119. The other three require only reproduced materials. I already have one packet - cost of $20, and will soon pick up another. The third might even only be handouts in class with no purchase price at all.

I really love books in general, but certainly don't mind not having to purchase a $100 book for each class! There is a chance I might still have to buy a statute book, but so far, every time I have, I just end up using the ones on-line and not using the book at all. This time, I think I will wait a couple weeks and see if on-line will be practical for this class or not. Might as well save myself the $40 right?

Hey - unexpected tip - buy books used if they are still in decent shape. First year I thought my books all had to be new; that I would be distracted by other's notes and highlighting. Ends up it is actually nice to see what others thought was important, and once, someone had defined many of the words in the margins - that was really nice!


Audra said...

Man! that's nice! Dylan had to spend a crazy amount of money on books. Her bookstore doesn't even offer used books! how crazy is that??

Dakota said...

That bites. Our bookstore is great! They even sell our used books for us. We put in a note with our name and asking price, it gets put on a shelf of used books (very prominent location - not hidden away) and they take $3 when the book sells. So, you can easily get 50% and probably closer to 75% of the original value back.

Dakota said...
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anonanemone said...

Last semester I cleaned up on books. I only needed to buy books for three classes, and they were all available used. I paid $100 total for all three, plus I was able to sell back two books for $100! Best semester ever! (well, as far as book buying goes).

Mieke said...

You can buy a lot of used law books on Amazon. I did.

I have new and used depending on the class.

It's hard to be back.