Thursday, August 16, 2007

Real Men of Genius

I remembered another of the lost "brilliant topics to blog about" this morning as I was listening to the radio. It's the "Real Men of Genius" radio advertisements by Bud Light. I have no idea why I've never heard these before the past few months since they've been around since 1999. According to Wikipedia, "Real Men of Genius is a popular long-running humorous series of one-minute-long American radio advertisements for Bud Light beer created by copywriter Bob Winter. Each sixty-second ad pays mock tribute to an "unsung hero"....As of 2006, over 100 installments in the series have been produced. Winter's campaign has since become the most award-winning radio campaign in the history of advertising."

Now, normally, I am not one to go for any kind of guy-humor, macho stunts, guy comedies..etc..but for some reason, I find these really amusing. I guess it is that the parody is done really well, and I can actually envision one of my classmates singing the songs. (You know who you are, Mr. Wish I Could Get a Law Job and Quit Working in the Restaurant Guy. Note - you will. You are totally kicking most of our *sses in law school Mr. TA, Law Review, Moot Court Guy.) Anyway, these are silly commercials with titles like:
Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy and Mr Cargo Pants Designer and Mr. Really Loud Cell Phone Talker Guy.

Many of these ads can be found on the web. Check out:
The Fun Times Guide for a great selection. In fact, I should bookmark it so I can go back when I'm deep into homework and need a good laugh....or at least, a heartfelt smirk.

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Audra said...

my all time favorite is "mr. nudist camp activities director"