Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NO Gabba Gabba

No, not even a bribe of a nice gift from reeds jewelers will make me want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba again. I am desperately hoping the kids will tire of it fast. It is not like it is violent or offensive (beyond being lame) so that I have a good reason to say, "No, you are not going to watch this." Violent cartoons? Shows with teens with sassy attitudes? No problem saying NO to those, but lame costumed characters dancing around and being repetitive? Well, that is kind of what kids do. Still, I have hope that it is only a passing phase. There are really a lot of good, educational shows out there. Son has learned a lot from Magic School Bus, Hi-5, and others. Surely this terrible mistake can't last long. Of course, I thought that about the Simpons, too.


Casey said...

Ummm...sorry to break it to you but there was a big article in the paper today about how childrens AND parents are loving this show. I'm with you as far as the lameness of it goes though. Ugh.

Lynilu said...

I haven't seen this show (and I thank the forces of the universe for that!) so I'm only guessing here, but repetition is actually good for kids. Well, at least in most cases. And on the Simpsons ... I am so with you there. I just don't get why people like that show. Incredibly stupid and demeaning.

BTW, I love it (and I chuckle) how you and Casey "talk" through your blogs. Uh, can we now begin talking to the other face in the house???? giggle! :)

Dakota said...

Casey - right, and half of the country voted for the one they call President. That doesn't mean half of the country is intelligent.

More proof: The Cave Men are getting their own show, but the Gilmore Girls was canceled. Seriously?

Lynilu - Yes, repetition is good for kids, but not this. Really, really, not this. I have a high tolerance for kid shows and actually like a lot of them. Do not watch this. If your TV finds it, unplug said device so as not to let the mind-numbing probes into your home!