Monday, August 06, 2007

Update - Wife the the Rescue

Thanks to my Wife, who is the more intelligent of us, I now have all of my Bookmarks back. I forgot about my computer's recycle bin. Duh. In my defense, there was a period of time that it did not work properly and was always empty, even if I had just deleted something. That was my OLD computer though, and this is a shiny new one, complete with properly functioning recycle bin.

(Hey, Baby, was I supposed to mention your superhuman powers, as well? *grin* Seriously, I may be more creative, and have more of an inclination to consider all side of any position, but were Wife to want to go to law school, she would probably kick my a**.)

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Casey said...

Honey - YOU are book smart...I am street smart. Big difference. :) Let's just say I was blessed with a great deal of (un)common sense and pay a great deal of attention to things that don't bore me into a coma.


Glad I could help. :)