Thursday, August 09, 2007

Changes this Summer

My, what an odd summer it has been. Deaths in the family. Almost losing my job. Weird, not-quite-summerlike weather. Last week, Casey and I were battling some sort of virus, and now, I have come down with a cold. I must say, I am quite cranky about it. The overcast days have my spirits down. Maybe if it was a beautiful day, I would feel better and could focus more on the positive, but for right now, not so much.

Seems lots of people I know have had weird summers. Wife's sister had a major surgery (all is fine - but long recovery time). A friend's husband has been unemployed for months and just recently got licensed as a realtor. They have high hopes, but I think this could end up almost as bad for his ego as being unemployed. A good friend has moved away and is in the process of buying a house and settling into a new job. My co-worker was laid off and starts a new job today that he had to "bump into" (union thing where it means the last person who had the job got bumped out of it so the senior person could have the job). Lots of changes.

Dang. This is a depressing post. Quick - 5 good things:
1) I have wonderful, beautiful, smart children.
2) My children are healthy.
3) My wife is a wonderful wife and mother.
4) My job offers me really good pay with great flexibility.
5) We had a great trip to the beach a couple weeks ago.

OK. That's better. We're off to visit Wife's family tomorrow morning. Long drive. I'm probably out until Monday. Good weekend to you all.


Lynilu said...

6. You're an obviously smart and fun woman.

Yeah, life is beautiful!!!

nikk said...

..but just imagine how dull things would be if life didn't change. Someone once told me that all of these kinds of changes and challenges build character. Glass is half full, my friend, half full.

patti_cake said...

Sometimes we just have to stop and take stock and count our blessings!