Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

Tomorrow night is Trunk or Treat at Boy Wonder's school. Parents decorate their trunks and the kids do the trick or treat thing by going car to car. The kids and I bought our decorations a couple weeks ago - before we all got sick. We have some tombstones, spider webbing, the requisite spiders, plus a scary sounds Halloween CD to pop into the player for the proper ambiance. We also have two big plastic tableclothes, Halloween-themed, of course, that will probably just about cover my little Scion xA. We do need some kind of lighting. I'm not sure if the interior light will do the trick. Maybe a large flashlight for backlighting behind the tombstones, or some kind of led tail lights would do the trick. I'm considering picking up some dry ice for a nice fog effect. We'll see how I'm feeling by tomorrow night. Right now, it is lunch time, and I am feeling like a nap would be good.

I'm Back!

I may not quite be at full speed, yet, but I'm in the running! Today I went to work, accomplished work-related tasks, and managed to dress up for Halloween! (See Wife's blog for pictures.) I am a vampire - no, not with the short black skirt and black tights - black pants, black chrome-studded belt (something about that belt says "vampire" to me) white shirt, vest, cape, and make up that makes me look as bad as I felt a couple days ago!

Today, I guess we best wash all the towels, counters, kitchen faucets, door knobs...etc....and hope we don't recycle our germs around the family again. I figured if you had H1N1 once, that was it....Wife heard a rumor that it may not be the case. Well shoot, what was the point of getting it once then?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Road to Recovery - Day 5

So, for anyone counting, this makes Day 5 of sickness for me. I think we're pretty comfortable with saying we all had H1N1. Our pediatrician said that at this point, any sickness with a high fever is most likely H1N1. Kids are doing great. The Little Princess has started with some cold symptoms today, but overall feels good. Quite an improvement over the end of last week for her! Wife and I are still VERY tired and could use quiet children right now. My headache has subsided and I think I may actually be able to go to work tomorrow.

Yup - tomorrow I may be among the living, doing emails, reviewing contracts, checking out our website directory, and avoiding everyone else's germs! I think I may dress up as a vampire - with white make-up and dark eyes. Here's my line for when people ask how I am:

"I'm still feeling a little pale." *grin*

Higher Education

Down sick again today. Ugh.

I can imagine a time that I will once again be calling up alumni, networking, dealing with my student loans, but for now, figuring out how to navigate the TV remote is about my speed.

Speaking of loans, and higher education, it seems that the latest and greatest in higher education are the online degree programs. The place where I work is moving more and more focus and funding in that direction. It makes sense to cater to what not just the up and coming generation wants, but also what fits into the schedule of adults returning to school - mostly working parents with day jobs. Online may be a perfect answer for that demographic.

Although I am personally past even wanting to think about school, the Western Governor's University is one that if I were at a different point in life, I'd want to look into. Their website has a good deal of information about how and why the online university was formed, their theory of education, their accrediting bodies , and their National Advisory Board, which is filled with prestigious organizations. They deal with both graduate and undergraduate degrees, with a variety of specialties. Their tuition is very affordable, especially when compared with what I paid. I would say it is comparable with my undergrad degree...20 years ago!

The site has a lot of information, and for anyone considering going to, or back to, college, I would think this would be something really worth investigating.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mindless Fun

This weekend, even though we were all sick, was kind of fun. Wife and I stole a couple hours here and there watching the old Beverly Hills 90210 while the kids were in the living room watching their own shows. Another confession - we record the old 90210 series. It is such good, mindless fun and reminds us of "the good ol' days." It is really enjoyable to make fun of Brenda's drama, Kelly's bitchiness, Dylan's tragic life, Steve's self-centeredness....and the rest. Brandon, however, is still impeachable. Gotta love Brandon. Anyway, recording the show is fun - no commercials, no Foreman Grill, no nuphedragen, no latest craze exercise contraption. Just crazy teen/early 20-something drama. It was just our speed this weekend....and yesterday....and today. Wow - I hope I am better tomorrow!

Not Part of the In Crowd

Do you ever feel like you are part of the "out" crowd? OK, that is a little funny since I am "out" and all....but I mean, technologically. I have a confession to make: I do not have an iphone, iphone accessories, or even a wanna-be iphone. My phone does not have a full QWERTY keyboard, does not surf the net, or order pizza for me. Well....sometimes that last one. *grin* Somehow, I do manage to make phone calls and send text messages, but one of these days, probably about the time something really new and cool comes out, I'll get an iphone!

Not Having Much Fun

Thought I was doing better last night. Today - bad headache and so tired. Kids tried to stay quiet and had some good moments, but they are feeling fine and not so much into being quiet. Ugh. I did not even feel good enough for Wii or playstation 3. OK, we don't really have a playstation, but today, it would not have mattered. Yesterday, I played Wii Mario Kart for a short time. Today, not so much feeling it. Though, maybe suggesting some video games for the kids later would be a good plan. More peace and quiet is just what I need!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bouncing Back Up

You know that nasty flu that is going around? The one we've all been hearing far too much about? It seems to have struck our family. Last Thursday, our Little Princess came down with a fairly high fever and laid around on the couch all day watching TV and napping. It was sad. By after school Friday, Boy Wonder had a high fever too, though the Princess was feeling "medium" with no more fever.

Wife and I both said a sad good-bye to our fun weekend plans - a visit to see her family, and a celebration of passing the bar and getting sworn in with my friends. By day's end, I too was feeling feverish, and though the thermometer never confirmed it, think I was hit too - headache, sore throat, tired....Wife felt much the same.

Today I stayed home from work, Boy Wonder stayed home from school, and we all continued Day Three of being shut-ins. (Wife notes it was her Day Five...ugh!) At one point, the rain was pouring down and the Princess really wanted to go on a rain walk. No one had a fever anymore, and we all needed to get out of the house, so we figured, "What the heck!" We took the dogs, and went splashing through our neighborhood. The kids managed to find a puddle deep enough to flood right into their boots! I was happy I'd bought a waterproof pair of women shoes last year that are really more like boots. We played Good Samaritan and unclogged the drain that was causing the huge deep was quite impressive when the water finally started flooding into the drain - it swirled down just like a giant toilet. Very fun for us all!

We don't yet know what tomorrow will bring. So far, no fevers at all today. That is good news!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Things That Make You Go...Hmmmmm...

You know how sometimes when you are surfing the web you come across something you just have to share?

Then you think - who is the right person to share this with? Will it offend so and so?

Then, you do something crazy and just post it to your blog, because, well, people come there to read your strange stuff, so reader beware.

So, now, without further delay - I smuggly present today's oddity:

Yes, today I found on sale the straight-jacket backpack. I have no idea about the size - I suspect it to be more of a fashionable purse size - something you could put a wallet, keys and a flask in - but does it really matter? Now, it is seriously questionable that I would ever actually carry anything this close to a purse, but c'mon, the humor factor is high here! It also comes in white. Perhaps it would be a great accessory for a Halloween costume, or a prize at a Halloween party, or maybe you just need it for that special night out on the town you've been planning. You KNOW the looks you'd get. You want one, don't you?

A Good Read

Ever since reading The Da Vinci Code, I have loved Dan Brown. I first read it at some point over the last three years. This was one of the best books I'd read in a long time. I've since gone back and found Angels and Demons and Deception Point. I've not read Digital Fortress or the new one, The Lost Symbol. I will though. I am just spacing them out a bit so I can really enjoy each one unto itself. (Besides, I already have three other books going - all non-fiction, which I find easier to start and stop and keep several juggling at once.)

What is amazing is the way Dan Brown weaves mystery, science and religion all together an a way that is fascinating. To call his books "page turners" is an understatement. I was at a bookstore not long ago and came across a book on sale
called Beyond Angels and Demons: The Truth Behind the Fiction. Though I did not buy it on the spot, I did pick it up and flip through it. Fascinating!

This book covers many of the historical places and objects that are discussed in the book, Angels and Demons. It is interesting getting a "behind the scenes" glimpse at the real life objects and their symbolism, beyond Dan Brown's portrayal. Although this is certainly not the definitive book on Catholic symbolism, fans of the book are likely to be intrigued. As I said, I did not buy it, yet, but if I see it on sale again, I may pick it up!

Watch Out!

There comes a moment in every woman's life where she must ask herself, "Do I have enough watches?"

I believe I now have 10-15, but the answer is still, "no." I do not yet have this beauty by Fossil:

There is just something about watches - the balance of form and function - that pleases me. The funny thing is, ever since the birth of our first child, I rarely wear a watch. When Boy Wonder was born, I didn't want to snag him with the watch, plus there was all the hand-washing, and bathing of the baby, and well, lots of reasons that it didn't matter what time it was.

Now, I love buying a nice watch on sale, or even better, receiving one as a gift. I add each new treasure to my collection, look at it frequently, wear it sometimes, and appreciate it always. Take the above watch, for instance, it is not just your average watch. It is brown, water resistant, sports a tiny diamond, and features three chronograph dials. Don't ask me what the heck those do, beside look cool, because it doesn't really matter. I don't even need the watch to keep time. I have my cell phone for that. Still, keeping accurate time is a bonus, particularly if the phone is not handy. No reason to believe this battery-powered quartz movement watch would not be an excellent time-keeper.

I bet this watch feels good. Nice weight, pleasant texture, and would probably draw compliments.

Maybe I am just a freak, but I suspect there are other watch-lovers out there just like me.

The L Word - The Final Season

It's been awhile since I extolled the virtues of The L Word. This partly because the show ended its final season last March, and partly because it was not as good in its later seasons as the early ones. Still as the only lesbian-centered drama, it was ground-breaking television, and even when the story lines were weak, the eye-candy was pleasing. Kate Moennig, Jennifer Beals - no one can really complain about that!

I have just realized that the Final Season is on sale in DVD, and I believe is the only season we are missing from our collection. The final season was only 8 episodes, and centered around the murder investigation of one of their own. In the first episode, Jenny, who was always a bit of a psycho - sometimes lovably so, and often not, is found dead in the pool. Through each proceeding show, we find that pretty much everyone had motive and opportunity to be the one who killed her. In the end, there is no resolution. Maybe she even killed herself. The resolution, or lack thereof, drew a lot of criticism from loyal fans for director Ilene Chaiken. Many saw it as a pubicity stunt for her potential next SHO project, which would have been a spin-off of The L Word (it was not picked up by SHOWTIME). Others just thought it unfair and poor story-telling. She basically claims that who did it is not important, because in the end, it was a show about relationships, and that theme remained true throughout, even to the final scene.

Always entertaining television, even when frustrating, this is one set I will eventually own.

First Friday Report - There Will Be More

Happy Friday!

It is dark, rainy and rather depressing, but here I am, making the best of it. Our Little Princess was down with a fever yesterday, but is hopefully on the road to recovery today. This morning looks promising, anyway. There is nothing quite like a fever to act as an appetite suppressant. Poor girl ate almost nothing yesterday and laid around like a lump watching TV most of the day. Today, she is already much more active and seems more like herself. Let's hope it was just a 24-hour virus, or extremely mild H1N1, and that the rest of us stay healthy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take What You Can Get

Apparently, leaves are what I've got this week.

Actually, it has been a relatively good week, but things are feeling rather "Blah" today.

On the networking front, I have spoken with 2 or 3 attorneys this week, made contact with another, and had about 6-7 names given to me. People are being so generous with their time, and when they are passionate about what they do, their energy is contagious. I best not speak with any criminal defense lawyers! Who knows where may career might end up!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Colors of Fall

Happy Monday! Fall has definitely arrived. This picture shows a sample of the amazing colors we are blessed to be surrounded by in this beautiful part of the country. I know, I know, I need a better camera. Just when I was about to start taking a decent one to work to capture these moments, our Little Princess dropped our spare camera and it is now broken. Have no idea if it will cost more to repair it or buy a new one, and it probably will not be a priority to find out for a while. Maybe the after-Thanksgiving sales will hold attractive prices. I have a feeling repair wil not be cheap.

Anyway - back to the leaves! I suspect that soon on Wife's blog there will be some fun pictures of the family and I playing in the leaves. After crazy rain on Saturday, it dried out enough on Sunday for the kids to decide it was time to rake, pile, jump and throw. Fun times!

I hope you all have as many easy opportunities as I do to experience the beauty that surrounds us.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Approaches

I love Halloween! Even though we have never really gone crazy with the decorations or created our own haunted house, it is one of those things that I love the idea of doing. There are so many wonderful, creepy decorations easily available these days, and costumes that are great.

I've only purchased a couple ready-made costumes in my adult life, preferring to create my own by going to a second-hand store, or raiding my own closet. The ones I have purchased though have been fun, and frankly, way easier than the do-it-yourself method.

A few years ago I was a knight - the costume came with pants, shirt, headpiece, and shoe covers that looked like boots....all very cool. This year I do not know what, if anything, I will dress as, but here is a great vampire costume. Is there anything more intriguing than a vampire?

Yes, I know this is a man's costume, but c'mon, does anyone who knows me really see me in a really short skirt and black stockings? I didn't think so. This is the perfect costume - long, black velvet cape, white shirt, vest, and for a touch of humor - a bat-shaped bow tie. Add my own black pants, and I would be set for the night! Another great thing about pre-made, store-bought costumes is that you can put them in a bag after Halloween, stow them away until needed, and all the parts are right there. No digging around to try to remember how you'd made the robot, the pirate, or the police officer in year's past.

In these last two weeks before the big night, there are bound to be lots of these great costumes on sale all over the place. Guess I should be considering this, especially since the kids like for us to dress up when we take them out trick or treating!

Lawyers Don't Just Defend Criminals

OK, so I should also have said in the previous post that I'd not be pursuing a career as a Tacoma car accident lawyer, either. Funny, when my mom first mentioned to me when I was about 18 that I should be a lawyer, all the stereotypical lawyers popped into my head, and I loudly proclaimed, "Why would I want to defend criminals?" I did not think about all the possible areas of law there were, or for what other kinds of work going to law school might prepare me. I didn't consider business or tax law, tribal law, animal law, civil rights law, public interest law, patent law, or environmental law. I only thought about criminal law. Perhaps I was raised with a tad too much TV? *grin*

The Job Search

I have this thought that I may lay out some of my job search strategies, adventures and roadblocks on this blog. After all, I covered a lot of the actual law school drama and the next logical step is the job search. Will this be interesting? I don't know, but I can try!

Maybe for others out there, it will offer some comfort that I'm going through the same thing as you are, and for law students, maybe there will be some useful dos and don'ts I can provide.

For those not familiar with my area of interest, I want to find a job in the environmental field, energy or natural resources are among my top choices, but I am really interested in almost all related areas. I am not interested in litigation. I am interested in either private firms, government agencies, or private companies. I'd love to work for a non-profit, but those to whom I owe a great deal of money probably would not be thrilled with that option. :) Traditional attorney work, or something outside the norm is equally appealing.

I won't fall into well-known categories of New York accident lawyers, public defenders, or criminal prosecutors that we all see on TV, but I am confident there is something out there that will be really interesting, and help me pay those darn loans!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Another Day

I was so going to blog earlier in the day, but now I find myself in a rush to get this done before I must move to the next activity, which happens to be driving home! Today was not particularly remarkable. Fall has set in, and though not raining, it was dreary. I fear it will be a long winter. I am very tired today. At least I do not have the flu and am not experiencing malignant Mesothelioma treatment, I am simply tired.

Here - I do have some positive things: Today I spoke with two alumni from my law school, one who is also an alumni of my undergrad school, and they both had some interesting information to share. I got one new person to contact, plus an invitation to call back tomorrow after one of the attorneys has a chance to think about who he would recommend I contact. I love forward momentum! Yes, that feels good!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picky Eater

What to do with a 4-year-old who only eats pasta, scrambled eggs, Trix cereal, yogurt and applesauce? It's not like we want to give her a diet supplement. We want her to eat a wider variety of foods. To be fair, she has recently started eating a few more things - a bagel and cream cheese; the whole thing, not just the cream cheese part. About two weeks ago she ate part of a peanut butter sandwich, the first peanut butter she has been willing to try. There was something else recently, but I don't remember what it was. When she really surprises me by trying a new food, I fall over in shock and amazement. This is usually enough to get her to eat another bite or two. Hey - whatever it takes!

Nibbling Through the Day

I don't know if it is this week's onset of truly fall-like weather, but I have been so hungry all morning! I finally had some cheese and crackers at 11:00 to hold me over until lunch time. Now, I get that cheese and crackers is probably not the
best way to lose belly fat, but since starting on my green smoothies every morning, I don't feel so bad about some of my less healthy choices at other times of the day. I admit though, that I do have less cravings for some favored junk foods, and meat/chicken, than before drinking the smoothies. I had read that could happen, but I didn't really believe it. One of the best things I've had to eat this week were some frozen french cut green beans that come with their own seasoning packet and slivered almonds. YUM!

Lucky Day?

Today feels like a lucky day! I have found three jobs to apply for - and all three sound interesting. None are actually traditional lawyer jobs, but that is OK with me. I want to do interesting work, and if I happen to find it in an actual 9-5 job with no billable hour requirements - more power to me, right? OK, OK, I get that if I have found these jobs, that means they are posted, and 18,492 other people will also have found them and be applying for them...but still...a good sign to find open jobs!

I have expanded my search to not only our metropolitan area, but one about 3 hours away. Would we really move? I don't know, but nice to feel like I have the flexibility, and hey - a job is a job, right? Now, I don't think I'll be looking for any Denver apartments soon, but a move three hours away to near where Wife's family lives? That is fairly realistic.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Need of Color

I rarely wear any kind of make-up. Once I arrived at work today, dressed up for my lunch with the attorney I mentioned in the previous post, I realized that on some days, that may not be a good thing. The fall weather hit in earnest today - cold and blustery - and I noticed I was looking a bit pale. There are certainly days I could use a bit of color and some knowledge of the best eye creams! As it turns out, walking for a couple blocks in the wind gave my cheeks a nice rosy appearance and I believe I looked completely healthy by the time my lunch date arrived! I think a better plan would be a tropical vacation, but I guess the wind-blown look will do for now!

Eating and Celebrating

It has been a nice couple of weeks with famiy and friends taking me out to eat and celebrating the real end of law school. If I keep it up, I will need to research weight loss pills or else my suits soon will not fit, despite my delicious green smoothie each morning! Today I went to lunch with one of the mentor's my school/career services assigned to me last year. It ended up, totally coincidentally, that I had done work for her firm during the summer before we were connected as mentor/mentee. I found out that this year she will be teaching the energy law class that I took two years ago, so we had fun discussing what that would be like for her, and me sharing what the class is like from a student perspective. It is nice to be reflecting back on being a student rather than in the midst of it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Swearing In Day

My swearing in day last Thursday was a really remarkable day, and since my Wife got some great photos, I figured I best blog about it!

Wife, Little Princess and I arrived at the auditorium where the ceremony was to be held a bit later than anticipated due to parking challenges, but still in plenty of time to get good seats. I stood in line waiting to do paperwork, while they went into the auditorium. The paperwork I ended up doing was actually signing the oath that I'd later be repeating after the Chief Justice of (my state's) Supreme Court. I also received a TON of paperwork from the Bar....member directory, CLE information, PLF info, and more.

We were able to sit with our families, listen to the words of encouragement from Bar Association members and members of the Supreme Court, and when the time came, we were asked to rise and repeat the oath. It was unreal, and fun, and felt like the last step in a very long journey. (I know, it is also the first step in a different journey as I enter the profession, but one trip at a time!) My mom sat on one side of me, Princess on the other and then on my lap, and Wife one sometimes empty seat away, depending on where the little girl was. It was wonderful to have my mom with me since this has been a special journey for her, too. I SO should have listened to her over 20 years ago when she said that I should be a lawyer! KIDS - Always listen to your mother(s)!

After the event, as we were walking back to our car, we crossed paths with the Chief Justice and another of the justices. They congratulated me, shook my hand, and made polite remarks to my family about the Princess and her doll with the matching dress, which by the way, is adorable. Then Mom, (God bless moms!) asked if she could get a picture of me with them. I NEVER would have asked, but realized at the time how this would be a very cool memory and story.

Yes, I look a bit dorky, or as Wife said, "embarrassed." Yes, I was. Still....a fun photo.

My mom and step-dad took us out for lunch, and afterwards we enjoyed a stroll around the capital building and grounds. Here are a few other shots from the day:

There you have it!

To those who just found out last Friday that you passed - this will be you in two more weeks! Congratulations!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is It Real?

I have been an officially recognized lawyer now for three days. Wow.
It is stunning really.

I am a lawyer.

I can say the words over and over, and still, they don't sound quite true. I went to a lot of school. I studied a lot. Does that qualify me to be a lawyer?

Yes, apparently it does! (Well, as long as I also passed the bar exam and had my application accepted by the bar.)

Now, I just have to find a real legal job. I mean, a job related to the law, not that what I have been doing is illegal. :) There have just been 417 new lawyers admitted to my state, so that is no easy feat. (We won't even mention the economy here.) Good thing there are so many specialty areas - criminal law, public defense, business law, social security disability law and related topics, tribal law, tax law, animal law, and of course, my personal favorite, environmental law. At least we don't all want to do the same thing!

Stay-tuned for a few pictures and a recap of my swearing in ceremony.

Discovering an Old Favorite

I love discovering old TV shows that haven't been on for a while that I loved at the time, missed when they were over, and then slowly drifted out of my memory. Today, when I was surfing the web, I found an ad for Early Edition. Does anyone else fondly remember this show? It was about a guy whose newspaper frequently gave him tomorrow's headlines rather than today's, and he had the day to prevent whatever disaster was being forecast.

As I write about it, I realize this is very similar to Eli Stone, a more recent series that I totally loved, but that was apparently too cutting edge and controversial for mainstream TV (read: offended the religious right). I suspect there were many others with a similar formula, but Early Edition was definitely a good one, from about 10+ years ago. The main character was lovably charming, in a boy-next-door sort of way, and you always felt a little sorry that he had the burden of this "gift". He always managed to make the necessary alterations to the day's events so that things worked out in the end, and the headline's predicted disaster changed to a more favorable one. At least, that is the way I recall it. It would have to be that way, wouldn't it? Who would tune in to watch a guy fail week after week?

At any rate, I see this series, seasons 1 and 2 (which are probably all there were) is now on sale - do a Google Search, check, or maybe just check your favorite local store. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Swearing In in "taking an oath" not as in "using foul-language".

Tomorrow - Thursday, October 8th, I will be sworn in as an Officer of the Court! How amazing and cool and rather unreal is that?

Answer: VERY!

Wife, Daughter, Mom and Step-Dad will be attending the ceremony, which is being held in our state capital (the city, not the building) about an hour away from us. I will be wearing a new suit that I've had for about year, but never worn. OK - and actually just had the pants hemmed this week. (Thank you, Wife, for picking them up today!)

It feels great to have reached this milestone. Odd. I'd never really thought about this one....but really, this one makes all the rest official.

Over the last couple of days, I have been feeling especially grateful to all those who helped me to get through law school, the Bar Exam, and the crazy-making wait for the results of the Bar Exam. (My thoughts are with those of you still awaiting results!) Many, many people have helped in both large and small ways. Thank you to you all!

Those whose help I am particularly grateful for know who they are, but hey - a little blog love is always nice!

Thanks to Wife, Boy Wonder, Our Little Princess, my Mom, my Step-Dad, Nikk, and Chris. Thank you for putting up with the craziness, the long-hours, the whining, the desperate phone calls, and not having me around nearly as much as you'd like. You all have my eternal gratitude.

Monday, October 05, 2009


This was the sunrise this morning.

Unfortunately, my little cell phone camera did not capture the beautiful colors that graced the sky on my way in to work.

Still, I wanted to share this and wish everyone a joyous week!

Friday, October 02, 2009

I'm A Green Smoothie Addict

A law school friend of mine told me during bar exam prep that one of the things that really got her through school was switching to a raw food diet, which included green smoothies.

I had been making fruit and yogurt smoothies for me and Boy Wonder for a while at that point, so the idea of making them even more healthy was appealing. I asked her some questions, started throwing a little lettuce into the blender now and then, but was not crazy about the taste it added. Then a random email from Green Smoothie Girl popped into my mailbox. I checked out her site, talked it over a bit with Wife, after a few weeks, ordered the book advertised on her website.

I've only read bits and pieces, but have been drinking a green smoothie a day for about a week and a half...OK, less, because we did not have them while at the beach. I have to admit though, that I craved them. It was exactly what I wanted one afternoon. My friend said they were addictive. She was right! I feel really good about putting good food into by body and do feel somewhat more energized.

For me, so far the biggest "secret" is to use spinach because it has a very mild about three big handfuls or so of spinach, a cup of two of water, some ice, blend well, then start adding whatever fresh or frozen fruit you want, enough to fill the blender. No other dairy....there is some reason in the book for this, but I do not recall it right now. You end up with all the great nutrition of the spinach, but the taste of the fruit. Yum!

Adults are supposed to have a quart a day. Wife and have have only been having about half that, partly due to the size of our blender, and partly because of how many ingredients would be required. Boy Wonder also has nearly as much as we do each morning.

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be a Green Smoothie missionary, I would have thought you were nuts!