Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Another Day

I was so going to blog earlier in the day, but now I find myself in a rush to get this done before I must move to the next activity, which happens to be driving home! Today was not particularly remarkable. Fall has set in, and though not raining, it was dreary. I fear it will be a long winter. I am very tired today. At least I do not have the flu and am not experiencing malignant Mesothelioma treatment, I am simply tired.

Here - I do have some positive things: Today I spoke with two alumni from my law school, one who is also an alumni of my undergrad school, and they both had some interesting information to share. I got one new person to contact, plus an invitation to call back tomorrow after one of the attorneys has a chance to think about who he would recommend I contact. I love forward momentum! Yes, that feels good!

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