Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eating and Celebrating

It has been a nice couple of weeks with famiy and friends taking me out to eat and celebrating the real end of law school. If I keep it up, I will need to research weight loss pills or else my suits soon will not fit, despite my delicious green smoothie each morning! Today I went to lunch with one of the mentor's my school/career services assigned to me last year. It ended up, totally coincidentally, that I had done work for her firm during the summer before we were connected as mentor/mentee. I found out that this year she will be teaching the energy law class that I took two years ago, so we had fun discussing what that would be like for her, and me sharing what the class is like from a student perspective. It is nice to be reflecting back on being a student rather than in the midst of it!

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Stella said...

I think it's pretty cool you ran into the Big Judges! Maybe there was something more than happenstance there. In the immortal words of everyone's Mom....we'll seeEeeeeeEeee.