Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nibbling Through the Day

I don't know if it is this week's onset of truly fall-like weather, but I have been so hungry all morning! I finally had some cheese and crackers at 11:00 to hold me over until lunch time. Now, I get that cheese and crackers is probably not the
best way to lose belly fat, but since starting on my green smoothies every morning, I don't feel so bad about some of my less healthy choices at other times of the day. I admit though, that I do have less cravings for some favored junk foods, and meat/chicken, than before drinking the smoothies. I had read that could happen, but I didn't really believe it. One of the best things I've had to eat this week were some frozen french cut green beans that come with their own seasoning packet and slivered almonds. YUM!

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