Friday, October 16, 2009

Lawyers Don't Just Defend Criminals

OK, so I should also have said in the previous post that I'd not be pursuing a career as a Tacoma car accident lawyer, either. Funny, when my mom first mentioned to me when I was about 18 that I should be a lawyer, all the stereotypical lawyers popped into my head, and I loudly proclaimed, "Why would I want to defend criminals?" I did not think about all the possible areas of law there were, or for what other kinds of work going to law school might prepare me. I didn't consider business or tax law, tribal law, animal law, civil rights law, public interest law, patent law, or environmental law. I only thought about criminal law. Perhaps I was raised with a tad too much TV? *grin*

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Lynilu said...

Funny, because when I started college with the intent of becoming a psychologist, several people said that wasn't right for me and I should looked in to Social Work. My response? I didn't like the image of looking for men under the bed!!