Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Back!

I may not quite be at full speed, yet, but I'm in the running! Today I went to work, accomplished work-related tasks, and managed to dress up for Halloween! (See Wife's blog for pictures.) I am a vampire - no, not with the short black skirt and black tights - black pants, black chrome-studded belt (something about that belt says "vampire" to me) white shirt, vest, cape, and make up that makes me look as bad as I felt a couple days ago!

Today, I guess we best wash all the towels, counters, kitchen faucets, door knobs...etc....and hope we don't recycle our germs around the family again. I figured if you had H1N1 once, that was it....Wife heard a rumor that it may not be the case. Well shoot, what was the point of getting it once then?

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