Monday, October 12, 2009

My Swearing In Day

My swearing in day last Thursday was a really remarkable day, and since my Wife got some great photos, I figured I best blog about it!

Wife, Little Princess and I arrived at the auditorium where the ceremony was to be held a bit later than anticipated due to parking challenges, but still in plenty of time to get good seats. I stood in line waiting to do paperwork, while they went into the auditorium. The paperwork I ended up doing was actually signing the oath that I'd later be repeating after the Chief Justice of (my state's) Supreme Court. I also received a TON of paperwork from the Bar....member directory, CLE information, PLF info, and more.

We were able to sit with our families, listen to the words of encouragement from Bar Association members and members of the Supreme Court, and when the time came, we were asked to rise and repeat the oath. It was unreal, and fun, and felt like the last step in a very long journey. (I know, it is also the first step in a different journey as I enter the profession, but one trip at a time!) My mom sat on one side of me, Princess on the other and then on my lap, and Wife one sometimes empty seat away, depending on where the little girl was. It was wonderful to have my mom with me since this has been a special journey for her, too. I SO should have listened to her over 20 years ago when she said that I should be a lawyer! KIDS - Always listen to your mother(s)!

After the event, as we were walking back to our car, we crossed paths with the Chief Justice and another of the justices. They congratulated me, shook my hand, and made polite remarks to my family about the Princess and her doll with the matching dress, which by the way, is adorable. Then Mom, (God bless moms!) asked if she could get a picture of me with them. I NEVER would have asked, but realized at the time how this would be a very cool memory and story.

Yes, I look a bit dorky, or as Wife said, "embarrassed." Yes, I was. Still....a fun photo.

My mom and step-dad took us out for lunch, and afterwards we enjoyed a stroll around the capital building and grounds. Here are a few other shots from the day:

There you have it!

To those who just found out last Friday that you passed - this will be you in two more weeks! Congratulations!


Proto Attorney said...

Awww... what a lovely day! You and your family look so proud and happy! Congratulations, Dakota, esq.!

yankeegirl said...

Congratulations! Great pictures and great memories!