Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Higher Education

Down sick again today. Ugh.

I can imagine a time that I will once again be calling up alumni, networking, dealing with my student loans, but for now, figuring out how to navigate the TV remote is about my speed.

Speaking of loans, and higher education, it seems that the latest and greatest in higher education are the online degree programs. The place where I work is moving more and more focus and funding in that direction. It makes sense to cater to what not just the up and coming generation wants, but also what fits into the schedule of adults returning to school - mostly working parents with day jobs. Online may be a perfect answer for that demographic.

Although I am personally past even wanting to think about school, the Western Governor's University is one that if I were at a different point in life, I'd want to look into. Their website has a good deal of information about how and why the online university was formed, their theory of education, their accrediting bodies , and their National Advisory Board, which is filled with prestigious organizations. They deal with both graduate and undergraduate degrees, with a variety of specialties. Their tuition is very affordable, especially when compared with what I paid. I would say it is comparable with my undergrad degree...20 years ago!

The site has a lot of information, and for anyone considering going to, or back to, college, I would think this would be something really worth investigating.

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