Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucky Day?

Today feels like a lucky day! I have found three jobs to apply for - and all three sound interesting. None are actually traditional lawyer jobs, but that is OK with me. I want to do interesting work, and if I happen to find it in an actual 9-5 job with no billable hour requirements - more power to me, right? OK, OK, I get that if I have found these jobs, that means they are posted, and 18,492 other people will also have found them and be applying for them...but still...a good sign to find open jobs!

I have expanded my search to not only our metropolitan area, but one about 3 hours away. Would we really move? I don't know, but nice to feel like I have the flexibility, and hey - a job is a job, right? Now, I don't think I'll be looking for any Denver apartments soon, but a move three hours away to near where Wife's family lives? That is fairly realistic.

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