Friday, October 02, 2009

I'm A Green Smoothie Addict

A law school friend of mine told me during bar exam prep that one of the things that really got her through school was switching to a raw food diet, which included green smoothies.

I had been making fruit and yogurt smoothies for me and Boy Wonder for a while at that point, so the idea of making them even more healthy was appealing. I asked her some questions, started throwing a little lettuce into the blender now and then, but was not crazy about the taste it added. Then a random email from Green Smoothie Girl popped into my mailbox. I checked out her site, talked it over a bit with Wife, after a few weeks, ordered the book advertised on her website.

I've only read bits and pieces, but have been drinking a green smoothie a day for about a week and a half...OK, less, because we did not have them while at the beach. I have to admit though, that I craved them. It was exactly what I wanted one afternoon. My friend said they were addictive. She was right! I feel really good about putting good food into by body and do feel somewhat more energized.

For me, so far the biggest "secret" is to use spinach because it has a very mild about three big handfuls or so of spinach, a cup of two of water, some ice, blend well, then start adding whatever fresh or frozen fruit you want, enough to fill the blender. No other dairy....there is some reason in the book for this, but I do not recall it right now. You end up with all the great nutrition of the spinach, but the taste of the fruit. Yum!

Adults are supposed to have a quart a day. Wife and have have only been having about half that, partly due to the size of our blender, and partly because of how many ingredients would be required. Boy Wonder also has nearly as much as we do each morning.

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be a Green Smoothie missionary, I would have thought you were nuts!


Mimi said...

SPINACH?????? Are you kidding me??? hummmm might just have to check into that....I don't really eat anything green!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Ijust did a search on Green Smoothie recipes and this looks like a good site.


Dakota said...

Mimi - Trust me here. I rarely eat green things either, so this green smoothie kick is HUGE for me. Really - spinach. Boy Wonder doesn't even notice that I've put something new into our fruit smoothies.

Lynn - lots of recipes! Thank you. I haven't ventured past the very fruity ones, but believe I will someday. Bit at a time....doing what is easy and I am comfortable with for right now. One step at a time!