Friday, October 23, 2009

The L Word - The Final Season

It's been awhile since I extolled the virtues of The L Word. This partly because the show ended its final season last March, and partly because it was not as good in its later seasons as the early ones. Still as the only lesbian-centered drama, it was ground-breaking television, and even when the story lines were weak, the eye-candy was pleasing. Kate Moennig, Jennifer Beals - no one can really complain about that!

I have just realized that the Final Season is on sale in DVD, and I believe is the only season we are missing from our collection. The final season was only 8 episodes, and centered around the murder investigation of one of their own. In the first episode, Jenny, who was always a bit of a psycho - sometimes lovably so, and often not, is found dead in the pool. Through each proceeding show, we find that pretty much everyone had motive and opportunity to be the one who killed her. In the end, there is no resolution. Maybe she even killed herself. The resolution, or lack thereof, drew a lot of criticism from loyal fans for director Ilene Chaiken. Many saw it as a pubicity stunt for her potential next SHO project, which would have been a spin-off of The L Word (it was not picked up by SHOWTIME). Others just thought it unfair and poor story-telling. She basically claims that who did it is not important, because in the end, it was a show about relationships, and that theme remained true throughout, even to the final scene.

Always entertaining television, even when frustrating, this is one set I will eventually own.

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