Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Saying Hi

I see I have been quite remiss in updating my blog! It has been a busy time - but then - when isn't busy, right?  We've all had some form of cold, and I am now on about week 4 - and the third week of a sore throat. The consulting nurse told me I probably have the 4-6 week virus going around.  Ugh. So tired of it!  The kids seem to have had it, gotten better, and are getting it again.  Lovely time of year! 

Kaylen's 7th birthday party was this Saturday. We had a big party at the community room in my mom's apartment complex - family and friends were invited. She had a Barbie theme - with pink streamers and lots of balloons thrown in for good measure. They even watched a Barbie movie in the "theatre room" after playing Pin-the-Tail-On-the-Donkey (comeplete with being able to decorate your own tail), smashing a pinata and playing some video games on an old style arcade machine. There was food, wine and brownies - safe to say "something for everyone." I think a good time was had by all - and especially my little 7-year-old!

Let's see....what else is new? Ah - Vicki is going to Tanzania next week for work.  That's kinda fun - but I will miss her.  She is hoping to get out to Zanzibar on her free time! :) 

I am learning more about my new camera and am excited to actually get outside to take some shots once we get a break from the rain. Lots to learn, which is fun. 

Guess I best get back to work! Hope you have all been having a great start to 2012!