Monday, October 01, 2007

Disclosure Policy

As many of you already know, I sometimes accept sponsored posts. That means sometimes I get paid if I include a link to someone's web page. Occasionally I will do a product or site review, and get paid to do that. I am always honest in these reviews and do not accept any assignments that dictate what my opinion must be. If I recommend a product or site it will only be because I really like it, and more often than not, these will not be sponsored posts, and usually, I will reveal that fact. Please note, a personal recommendation is much different than a review that says something to the effect of "I found this site and they have cool furniture."

Some folks believe this act of accepting money compromises the integrity of a blog. I accept money for work I do everyday and don't believe this compromises my integrity. Getting paid to blog provides some much needed extra income for my family, and it actually encourages me to be a more frequent, more creative blogger. I blog on a wide variety of topics, some paid, some not, and I think most reveal a little something about me, my family, and my perspective on life. I hope you, my dear readers, agree.

Thank you.

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