Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fun!

On my Disneyland blog I just posted a list of the first five sounds that I think of when I think of Disneyland. Well, at least, the first five sounds I though of today!

I thought here I would list my top five Sounds of Fall.

1) Crisp leaves crunching under my feet.

2) Heavy rainfall outside my window at night.

3) Halloween candy pouring into a bowl.

4) Running around, laughing, rolling with my kids in the leaves.

5) The laughter of this silly stuffed animal we named "Pumpkin Boy." He looks like an orange bear but with a pumkin head, and when you squeeze his hand you hear a child's laughter, twice, then "Happy Halloween!" Baby Girl was afraid of him last year, but she's delighted with him this year.

Happy Friday!

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