Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wonderful Weather

I go to school at a very environmentally aware school. We talk a lot about global warming, climate change and the frightening things that are happening with global weather. Sometimes though, it sure is nice to step out of the role of environmentalist/concerned citizen/worried mom and just breathe in the crisp fall air. Yesterday was a wet, dreary day, but today it beautiful - blue sky, sunshine, still cool at 53 degrees, but its the kind of day you can look upon and smile. I'm doing just that right now. I hope you are someplace that you can appreciate the beauty in your day.


Lynilu said...

Mmmmm. Our weather has been wonderfully mild, too. Love it.

And how nice to be attending such a school! I'm wondering ... what kind of law do you plan to practice? With all that I'm picturing you as an environmental specialist of some type.

Dakota said...

Our school is amazing and the campus gorgeous. The leaves that I've been talking about have been in a forest near work, but could have been on my school campus just as easily. They are less than 10 miles apart. Not only are we mentally environmentally aware, but are in a beautiful environment!

I want to do energy law. I'm not sure exactly from what perspective yet - probably working for a utility or for the government. I'm not really interested in working for a firm. Eventually, I think policy work would be interesting. That is the reason so many folks with previous environmental experience end up in law school - to influence policy.

Thanks for asking - and have a great weekend!