Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Thursday

The radio station I listen to most mornings, wait, correction, ONE of the radio stations I listen to most mornings has "Random Thursdays" where they talk about any topic. It appears many of my Thursdays are random, too. In fact, my entire blog is somewhat random, though I do try to weave in law school, my kids, my relationship, and life in general as much as possible in between odd bits of inspiration. A couple days ago, I was writing about leaves, several months ago, it was The L Word, next it could be first communion invitations, or the worms in our backyard. Actually, maybe the snails. Wife told me they seem to be in abundance this year and is worried it means our house is going to fall down around us as they eat it from the outside in.

Today's random thought has to do with naming streets and other things, which I'd discussed a while streets get their names from people who have lived there or events that have happened. Well, we've been reading a case in Environmental Law (see the way I worked law school in?) about the Kill Van Kull. This is apparently a waterway in New York filled with industrial pollutants, or it was at the time of this case. With a name like that, I am wondering what else was in the body of water? Well, a little Google-searching has revealed the name is actually of Dutch-origin and means something to the effect of "a small stream beyond the water." *Whew* The alternatives swimming through my warped mind were not pretty.

Incidentally, doesn't the name Kill Van Kull sound like a rock band? Yes. It is. Heavy Metal. I thought so. My mind is a scary place.

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Robin J said...

I would be a bit scared of that name too even worst of it was your name growing up