Friday, January 23, 2009

A Good Day

Just sharing a happy picture I found on my phone from a visit to the Children's Museum last weekend. Boy Wonder was very pleased with his creation. In the end, he managed to use every block in the display.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Feeling It

I resisted the urge to post on this blog during my local government class last night. I was not quite bored enough to want to poke my eyes out just to entertain myself, but could clearly see the day coming that I will be in such a state. I could choose to load up on candy and eat my way through class, keeping a steady sugar high , but then I'd end up needing to buy weight loss pills, so that's no fun. Besides, it is my first of three classes; load on sugar during class #1 and there is nowhere to go but down.

It is probably not that the prof is particularly boring. (Though his stumbling through his reference materials in response to questions was not particularly inspiring.) I just need an attitude adjustment. I am ready to be done and don't want to do do the work to get there. I have no clue HOW I am going to gear up and write a 25+ page paper for another of my classes. How did I manage to sign up for that particular torture? I was thinking it would be a 10-15 page paper, that's how.

I am not the only one in this particular state of apathy. Those of us on our 8th semester of law school are all feeling quite done, thank you very much. I know I will get into the swing of things and the semester will fly by. In the mean time, I think my classmate who wants us all to quit law school to run off and work at a Borders in Costa Rica is onto something.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Highs and Lows

What a week it has been! Filled with highs and lows. If this keeps up, I'll need to rig not only my car, but by rolling computer case with performance parts! First, although I imagine anyone particularly interested in my life has already checked Wife's blog for updates on this, Boy Wonder gained weight this week! We are hugely relieved. He has also been hungry the past day and a half...another really good sign. There are still tests being done, but overall, we are feeling positive.

Other highlights? Wife's dad was hit by a car, and broke his leg...and an update...his neck. Docs missed it the first two days. We are not impressed with the level of care he has been getting. We are not sure if the neck injury will mean surgery or not. Waiting for neurosurgeon to assess. We are going to visit him this weekend. Poor guy....being severely restricted in his movement due to his leg is going to be tough enough on him, adding in neck pain, potential surgery, collars, and who knows what all? Very sad and scary for him.

I have completed my first week of classes. My overall impression is that all of my classes feel like they will be very long. I am ready to be done. All are decent classes and I will learn a lot. Still, feeling very done, as are my fellow 4th year classmates.

More? The roof and siding issues were repaired for free by wonderful guys filled with integrity. If you live near us and need recommendations, let us know. I have never been so impressed by people just wanting to do the right thing.

OK - I best go get my homework done so I can get home to my family, pack, and be ready to travel in the morning. Stay safe everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Levity

Here's something you don't see every day:

In case you have trouble reading the note, it says, "Free Rubber Chicken."

It was in our kitchen/workroom at work. Being the smart-*ss that I can be, I later walked by and added the word "range" after "free."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Attention 2009 - Turn Yourself Around

OK, so 2009 is not starting out great. I have a theory though. It could be the resident evil and his minions are having a last ditch free-for-all before Hope takes over on January 20th. It could be the old, evil ways kicking and screaming as they lose power. I pointed out to Wife last night that we all think January should be this great, new time - a fresh year, clean slate and all....but really, it's pretty much the start of winter. Cold, dark winter. Maybe the new year should start in March instead.

Of all the things that have happened, most have been tempered by circumstances making them better than they could be, if not actually "good." They leaky roof/ceiling only cost us $100 (which possibly made the problem worse, but it got us through Christmas) because the people who originally put on our roof and siding stood by their work and did the repairs for free. Wife's "check engine" light issue only cost us $410 instead of the $1100 we were first quoted. My cracked windshield was covered under our auto insurance. The odd flea outbreak (yuck! haven't seen a flea since we were last fostering a cat in our garage about 4 years ago) and Maddie's paw issue were easily resolved....$200 later.

Bigger issues - Wife's dad was hit by a car and won't be able to put weight on his leg for at least three months. This will mean some sort of transitional care until they can get him back into his own apartment. He will hate this, in part because he lives for his multiple long walks each day, not to mention needing the companionship of his cat. All really sucks...but still....considering that he was hit by a car, he is in relatively good shape.

Boy Wonder. We just do not know the cause for his dramatic weight loss. So far, as you know if you have been tracking progress on Wife's blog, the blood tests have not indicated anything seriously wrong. There will be more tests. So, far, the news is good, but overall, this is still very scary and we just want to know what is going on and how to make him all better.

Add to all of these little, and not so little things, the general stress of just barely having enough money to scrape by (thanks to student loans) and a crappy job market/economy as I am getting ready to graduate and pay back loans....well, it is a lot. I am pretty good at staying positive and believing that all will turn out OK, but some days are difficult. Wife is not nearly as good at seeing the bright side, maybe because she is more surrounded by the impacts every day. I can at least escape in work and school, but she must struggle with figuring out what the Boy will eat, getting him to the doctor, talking with the roofers, and all the every day stuff of laundry, cooking, dogs, breaking up the kid fights, and still trying to find some fun family time. It is a lot and she is about at the end of her rope. We could use not just this tempered bad/good luck, but some REALLY, TRULY GOOD LUCK. I know there are many in similar and worse situations right now. So, come on 2009, come on Universe, it is time for some HAPPINESS!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Thoughts in Early 2009

I have a few spare moments so thought I would share some random thoughts.

First - after May I will no longer be "Law School Mama," so then what? Seems silly to start a new blog with a more appropriate name, but this one will no longer be the adventures of a law student mom. Oh, who am I kidding? I will probably no longer have any time to blog! We shall see what happens.

Today I plan on going to school to buy my new books and put my old ones on the shelf in hopes that they will sell. Our school has a great program for reselling books. As long as it is a book currently being used, we can put it in the bookstore with a price, if someone wants it, the bookstore handles the sale and pays us later. I have probably been able to sell about half of my books this way. The tricky part is that often a class is only held once a year, or once every two years. You have to put it in the bookstore during the next semester the book is used...if it is even used again, and if a newer edition has not been released.

Lots of little and some potentially bigger things have happened over the past few weeks, decreasing our funds and increasing stress levels. These include roof repairs - times two, a vet visit, car repair - times two, and health issues with both kids. Hopefully all will resolve well and quickly and be behind us soon.

We want, expect, need and will be very grateful for good things in 2009!

Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 - What Will It Bring?

Another year ahead, full of promise and milestones. Sure, there is my graduation from law school, and hopefully, the passing of the bar, but there is so much more.

In just a few short weeks, our Little Princess turns four, and in April, Boy Wonder turns seven. How did that happen? How could it be we are out of onesies, bottles, diapers and strollers? There is no longer a need for baby bathtubs and Ju Ju Be diaper bags. Babies R Us is pretty much a place of our past. It is sad in many ways. They were such cute, cuddly babies. On the other hand, the big kids they are becoming are amazing and so much fun!

We can now play games together as a family, using most of the actual rules. We have family movie nights and mostly all watch the movie with interest. The kids engage in interesting, though often goofy, conversation, and consistently blow us away with their individual strengths; Boy Wonder's ability to read and master any video game; and our Little Princess's physical agility and uncanny vocabulary. It is amazing watching them turn into these remarkable people which it seems impossible we helped create.

Somehow, we have turned into a family with two kids - real kids - not babies, not toddlers, not a family that needs a high-chair or a booster seat at restaurants. We technically have a pre-schooler and a grade-schooler, moving confidently forward in the world, interacting with us in all new ways, and interacting with the world. Strange - and wonderful, too.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Slowing Down the Pace

Ah, school vacation.....What a nice, slow-paced few weeks I have had with my family. Granted, some has been sort of weird due to the snow and uncertainly of how it would affect Holiday plans, but still, nice. Home a lot, playing games, eating meals together. No thoughts of law cases, reading assignements, whether my notebook memory needs to be upgraded,or whether I have enough food in my 'fridg at work to take for dinner while at school.

I have another week off before my final semester begins, but for now, those thoughts are being blocked out in favor of UB Funkeys, Angelina Ballerina, Connect Four and what stories we will read before bed. It is a nice change of pace.

What is that White Stuff on the Ground?


I could not believe that I woke up to more snow on the ground this morning. I immediately clicked on the tv to see about road conditions and weather forecasts. The snow was pretty much being ignored in favor of the more pressing news story - flooding. Too much rapidly melting snow, made worse by crazy amounts of rain, have turned many parts of our world into flood/mudslide zones. I am happy and relived to report that our immediate neighborhood is affected by neither. *Whew!*

I made it to work with no incidents - traveling a bit slower than usual due to the amount of rain and slush on the road. Even though we have relatively cheap car insurance, I would like to keep it that way by not getting into any accidents! I prefer to stay home when anything resembling snow or ice are on the road, but given the number of days away from work over the past couple of weeks, getting in seemed a priority, and relatively low risk since it was barely being talked about on the news.

It is now clear and sunny, and well-above freezing, so looks like our snow is gone - for now!