Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Highs and Lows

What a week it has been! Filled with highs and lows. If this keeps up, I'll need to rig not only my car, but by rolling computer case with performance parts! First, although I imagine anyone particularly interested in my life has already checked Wife's blog for updates on this, Boy Wonder gained weight this week! We are hugely relieved. He has also been hungry the past day and a half...another really good sign. There are still tests being done, but overall, we are feeling positive.

Other highlights? Wife's dad was hit by a car, and broke his leg...and an update...his neck. Docs missed it the first two days. We are not impressed with the level of care he has been getting. We are not sure if the neck injury will mean surgery or not. Waiting for neurosurgeon to assess. We are going to visit him this weekend. Poor guy....being severely restricted in his movement due to his leg is going to be tough enough on him, adding in neck pain, potential surgery, collars, and who knows what all? Very sad and scary for him.

I have completed my first week of classes. My overall impression is that all of my classes feel like they will be very long. I am ready to be done. All are decent classes and I will learn a lot. Still, feeling very done, as are my fellow 4th year classmates.

More? The roof and siding issues were repaired for free by wonderful guys filled with integrity. If you live near us and need recommendations, let us know. I have never been so impressed by people just wanting to do the right thing.

OK - I best go get my homework done so I can get home to my family, pack, and be ready to travel in the morning. Stay safe everyone!

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Monogram Queen said...

That is beyond awesome that they fixed the roof properly!

So sorry about C's Dad :( I am wishing him a speedy recovery, poor man.

Glad to hear good news about the boy too, y'all have been on my mind although I haven't been to blogland much this week.

I started school too and am pea green with envy that you are almost finished (but you have worked your TAIL off sister!!!)