Friday, January 02, 2009

What is that White Stuff on the Ground?


I could not believe that I woke up to more snow on the ground this morning. I immediately clicked on the tv to see about road conditions and weather forecasts. The snow was pretty much being ignored in favor of the more pressing news story - flooding. Too much rapidly melting snow, made worse by crazy amounts of rain, have turned many parts of our world into flood/mudslide zones. I am happy and relived to report that our immediate neighborhood is affected by neither. *Whew!*

I made it to work with no incidents - traveling a bit slower than usual due to the amount of rain and slush on the road. Even though we have relatively cheap car insurance, I would like to keep it that way by not getting into any accidents! I prefer to stay home when anything resembling snow or ice are on the road, but given the number of days away from work over the past couple of weeks, getting in seemed a priority, and relatively low risk since it was barely being talked about on the news.

It is now clear and sunny, and well-above freezing, so looks like our snow is gone - for now!

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