Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Updates

Merry Christmas to all!! We have had a wonderful past few days, though somewhat thrown off schedule by weather. Where to even start? I won't do weather coverage since anyone wanting pictures/updates of the kids can simply go to Wife's blog.

Santa was good to the kids, bringing one big present each, and then filling their stockings with toys, toothbrushes, candy and bath supplies (paint, foam, bubble bath). Mommies, Grandparents and a few distant relatives, including Auntie Stella, did a great job of filling the space underneath the tree, and we are still keeping busy playing with the new toys - kids toys, and adult ones, including a GPS navigational device from Wife that was totally unexpected.

We had a scare on Sunday night, after Christmas festivities with Wife's family (our second Christmas!) when loading the car. Our Little Princess had one of her pallid breath holding syndrome episodes. This is essentially a reflex where her body stops breathing when she gets suddenly hurt....she banged her head on the dvd player in the car while getting in her car seat, she started to scream, but nothing came out. Within seconds was turning blue and went limp. I grabbed her in my arms, started shaking her and calling her name. She did not come out of it as quickly as usual and totally freaked us out. Wife was yelling for her sister in case we needed an ambulance called, but could not run into the house because of a thick layer of ice. When I heard our baby girl gasp for air, it was a wonderful sound, and soon she was conscious again, with no real clue as to what had happened. We all went back into Wife's sister's house to get warm and stop shaking. We had to try to explain it to Boy Wonder, who had not seen it happen in so long that he did not remember it, and was quite shaken. We all were. Even though this is not life-threatening and she is supposed to grow out of it, it is frightening every time because...what if she does not start breathing again? We thank god she does not have something more serious like MS or cerebral palsy, and give thanks that both of our children are happy and healthy. May we always be grateful for that miracle.

Enjoy the Miracles in your life!


Monogram Queen said...

I am glad you had a great Christmas and that breath thing would scare the ever.living.shit.out.of.me

I got the heebie jeebies just READING it!

Stella said...

I'm with Boy Wonder (monogram queen too).."Quite Shaken." Glad everything is okay and I'll keep my fingers crossed that she grows out of it soon. . .and the sooner the better. You'll love the GPS. Don't make the mistake of a friend of mine who turned left when the GPS told her to do so. See, traffic laws still apply, and even though the robotic GPS voice sez "Turn Left Now," you really should wait until the traffic signal turns green AND there is no oncoming traffic.

Dakota said...

Monogram Queen and Stella - Thanks to you both. We are quite ready for our little one to outgrow these!

Stella - will try to remember not to take the friendly little voice too literally. Wife is already offended by the voice in the little box not being more polite and offering encouragement when the correct maneuver has been accomplished. She THINKS she wants one, but I sense she would throw it out the window. Certain members of my family do NOT like being told what to do. :)

Lynilu said...

That is so frightening! Yes, it is wonderful that she doesn't have something worse, but meanwhile .... I'm glad everything turned out alright!

Happy New Year!