Thursday, December 04, 2008

Random Things I for which I am Grateful

Wife just called me and told me about the things our Little Princess has come up with that she might like to get me for Christmas: A little blue Christmas tree and a small plastic rain cloud (blue). I have no idea. Still, her creativity makes me smile.

The peppered turkey that I accidentally bought at the deli. Well, I did not accidentally buy it, but I thought only the outside would be peppered and therefore not too hot for the rest of the family. I was wrong. The pepper must be injected in a liquid form, because it is all throughout the slices, and is delicious to me, but not the rest of the family. That's OK - they got ham and plain turkey, too.

Monogram Queen's kind words letting me know I have been an inspiration for her going back to school. (We've been emailing. I did not simply ignore her comments!)

Hot coffee with yummy creamer.

Jiggle bells hung over door hardware.

Boy Wonder's excitement over finding Jack the Elf each morning. (See Wife's blog if you are not familiar with this new tradition.)

I had my last class last night and now it's a short slide to Christmas break!

There are so many things - I have only to look around and I could come up with thousands of things to be grateful for each day. Hope you do, too.


Monogram Queen said...

You really are my inspiration!

I want to know if/where you find that blue raincloud!

Dakota said...

Monogram Queen - Thank you! I really appreciate you letting me know. How strange and wonderful that we can influence each other even though we have never met. I am so happy for you that you have taken a huge step forward by going back to school. It will be worth it!

Mimi said...

Hope you have a great Christmas......I just got the elf on the shelf for the granddaughters....hope they enjoy it......