Friday, March 16, 2012

Big News!

I suspect many of my readers are also Facebook friends, so this will not be "new" news for some of you, goes:

Vicki and I are getting married!

Briefly, here are the basiscs. I asked her last Saturday. She said, "yes."  We have not decided upon any details like time, place, date, size - anything - other than that both kids will be in the wedding. They are very excited about it - both the wedding, and making Vicki a permanent part of the family.  For the "rock" fans - I did not buy an engagement ring - I gave her a beautiful aquamarine pendant - the birthstone of our relationship - so we could select rings together. 

We found the PERFECT engagement rings for us, and a large center-diamond is not involved. They are on order and being sized. Stay-tuned for details and pictures. :)  I am very excited to soon be able to wear a visible token of our love and commitment.

As I thought about writing this post, I considered that it may be odd for some, the announcement of an engagement after the break-up of my last marriage a bit over two-years ago. Consider it proof that life and love continues and hope always remains.  As mutual friends will know, Casey and I have both moved forward with new people in our lives, and I think we both want the other to be happy and the kids to feel loved and secure.  We still have some entanglements, aside from the kids, that need to be worked out over the next several months. I suspect that is always true after the disolution of a long-term relationship, and am confident all will work out as it should.  

Soon, we will begin looking for a house - one that we can call our own. We are tired of renting and the timing is great for buyers.  It will be good for Vicki to have her own dedicated office, the kids their own separate rooms, and space for us all to garden and enjoy the outdoors.   Lots of exciting changes on the horizon, and I am excited about the journey Vicki and I are undertaking together.