Thursday, June 29, 2006

TV Shows, Not Updating and Other Trivia
Wow. Do I suck at updating this blog, or what? In my defense, I will say I have noticed that most of the other law school student blogs that I read are also not being regularly updated. Guess the law student blogs are kind of on summer hiatus, not unlike my favorite TV shows, The L Word and Grey's Anatomy. (Click on it - you'll get to a cool blog by the show's writers.) Windfall is a fun new show out this summer about winners of a huge lottery. One of the stars is Luke Perry of 90210 fame. (Come on - you know you like him.) There are lots of other pretty people in this series that deals with the changes in the lives of these 20 people (now 21) that share the winnings. Love, lust, crime, greed, jealously - all the usual stuff that goes into good TV can be found here.

I am totally enjoying the summer! Getting in lots of time with my wife and kids. I wish I didn't have to go to work and REALLY had the summer off, but compared to not being home each night until 9:30ish, being home by 5:00pm and having weekends off is a wonderful break.

The kids are fun and amazing and growing so fast. For those of you that read my partner's blog (listed on the right), she updates more regularly than I and posts pictures. This weekend we are going to visit a lifesize, working Thomas the Train. Next month we'll spend a couple nights up in Long Beach, WA with my nephew and his family who will be visiting from Texas. I've not seen him in 6 (?) years, so am looking forward to that. Getting lots of maintenance kind of stuff done over the summer - having a heat pump installed in our house today, bought a freezer so we can stock up on food and make life easier during the school year, planning on putting up a new gate in the backyard, and assorted other activities. Just living life. It's much different than when I am in school. On that note, I must run to catch my express bus home!

Happy end of June!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Disneyland Resort Rocks!
Howdy all! We've been back from the magic of Disneyland for almost a week now. It was a totally fabulous trip! We were so pleased with the entire Disney Resort, which for those that haven't been in some time, is quite a switch from our last trip 8 years ago. It now consists of two parks (Disneyland and California Adventure), three Disney hotels and a shopping district that includes establishments such as the Rainforest Cafe and the House of Blues. We were dropped off by shuttle bus in front of Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel (where we stayed - we weren't just randomly dropped off!) and never left the resort for 6 nights until the bus picked us up again to take us to the airport. It was great to not have to go onto any "real" streets, see traffic, people's homes or businesses not related to the resort, and to just be lost in the ultra-clean world of Disney's team of creators. Disney calls its employees "Cast Members" and this is a reminder to all that Disneyland is one big show and there is a lot going on behind the scenes to create the grand illusion that guests see. It is worth the effort and the expense. This is not to say that all was perfect or that we did not experience the melt-downs of an overly tired 15-month-old or an overly excited and exhausted 4-year-old, but all in all, the kids (and adults!) did remarkably well and a truly, truly great time!

I will probably do a more detailed update, but for a little more info and a great photo montage, see my partner's blog at:

If you have any specific questions about the Disneyland Resort, feel free to ask me, as it is one of my favorite topics. I used to run a Disney vacation web site, but then law school came along...Anyway, we'd go back today if I had the vacation time, and we had the money! We've told our son, and ourselves, that we can go back in three years, when I graduate from law school. He'll be 7 and his sister 4 - great ages for Disneyland. Heck - any age is a great age for Disneyland!