Thursday, June 29, 2006

TV Shows, Not Updating and Other Trivia
Wow. Do I suck at updating this blog, or what? In my defense, I will say I have noticed that most of the other law school student blogs that I read are also not being regularly updated. Guess the law student blogs are kind of on summer hiatus, not unlike my favorite TV shows, The L Word and Grey's Anatomy. (Click on it - you'll get to a cool blog by the show's writers.) Windfall is a fun new show out this summer about winners of a huge lottery. One of the stars is Luke Perry of 90210 fame. (Come on - you know you like him.) There are lots of other pretty people in this series that deals with the changes in the lives of these 20 people (now 21) that share the winnings. Love, lust, crime, greed, jealously - all the usual stuff that goes into good TV can be found here.

I am totally enjoying the summer! Getting in lots of time with my wife and kids. I wish I didn't have to go to work and REALLY had the summer off, but compared to not being home each night until 9:30ish, being home by 5:00pm and having weekends off is a wonderful break.

The kids are fun and amazing and growing so fast. For those of you that read my partner's blog (listed on the right), she updates more regularly than I and posts pictures. This weekend we are going to visit a lifesize, working Thomas the Train. Next month we'll spend a couple nights up in Long Beach, WA with my nephew and his family who will be visiting from Texas. I've not seen him in 6 (?) years, so am looking forward to that. Getting lots of maintenance kind of stuff done over the summer - having a heat pump installed in our house today, bought a freezer so we can stock up on food and make life easier during the school year, planning on putting up a new gate in the backyard, and assorted other activities. Just living life. It's much different than when I am in school. On that note, I must run to catch my express bus home!

Happy end of June!


Merry Mama said...

Happy, Happy. I'm an English major who hopes to attend law school in the next five years. Any advice?

LawSchool Mama said...

Hey Laundrywoman,
I checked out your blog, but didn't reply there since it didn't seem appropriate. There was no email address, so, in case you come back, here's a small bit of advice.

I see you have six kids. Wow. I don't know what to say to that. I am sure you are already exhausted, not used to getting sleep, and often feel pretty beat up, so law school won't change your life that much :)

Seriously - best piece of advice I ever got - this is for once you start - reserve one day a week for the family. Do not do homework on that day. "Family Day" is sacred around our house and is something we all look forward to.

Best study guide for the LSAT - The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible (Paperback) by David M. Killoran. Great for helping you with the logic games.

If going to law school and being a lawyer (or related profession that law school will help you with)is what you really want, go for it. It's 3 years of your life (or, for the evening 3/4 time program I am in, 4 years)and your family's life, and that time is going to pass anyway. Might as well be pursuing something you really want that can benefit everyone in the long run.

Good luck to you!