Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Thoughts in Early 2009

I have a few spare moments so thought I would share some random thoughts.

First - after May I will no longer be "Law School Mama," so then what? Seems silly to start a new blog with a more appropriate name, but this one will no longer be the adventures of a law student mom. Oh, who am I kidding? I will probably no longer have any time to blog! We shall see what happens.

Today I plan on going to school to buy my new books and put my old ones on the shelf in hopes that they will sell. Our school has a great program for reselling books. As long as it is a book currently being used, we can put it in the bookstore with a price, if someone wants it, the bookstore handles the sale and pays us later. I have probably been able to sell about half of my books this way. The tricky part is that often a class is only held once a year, or once every two years. You have to put it in the bookstore during the next semester the book is used...if it is even used again, and if a newer edition has not been released.

Lots of little and some potentially bigger things have happened over the past few weeks, decreasing our funds and increasing stress levels. These include roof repairs - times two, a vet visit, car repair - times two, and health issues with both kids. Hopefully all will resolve well and quickly and be behind us soon.

We want, expect, need and will be very grateful for good things in 2009!


Lynilu said...

Dakota, you can simply rename the blog. The location will still say (or whatever it is), but that's not what people see. I think Law School Survivor would be appropriate!

You guys have had more than your share of "stuff" lately, haven't you? Stinks, for sure, but especially the concerns about Boy Child. How is he doing?

Dakota said...

"Law School Survivor" - I like it!

We don't know about Boy Wonder, yet. Pretty scared. As a parent, you always race to worse-case sorts of diagnosis, but we are trying our best to keep fears at bay and praying for a positive and simple solution.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Caroline said...

I just read Casey's blog and wanted you to know that I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry that you guys are having to go through this.

How is Boy Wonder doing? Does he say he doesnt' feel well?

Anyway..just wanted you to know that I am keeping you guys in my prayers.

Dakota said...

Thank you for your support and prayers. Fortunately, Boy Wonder seems completely normal - a sometimes wild/sometimes sweet 6-year-old boy. He says he doesn't feel bad, and he doesn't seem sick to us, other than looking very thin.

Thank you and all the others who are sending good thoughts.

Mimi said...

my son when he was 7 years old he went the other way....from the beganing of school (September) to christmas break he went up 3 pant sizes....OMG we were frecking out went to the doctors for all kind of test....(we have sugar in our family) everything came back fine..the doctor just said boys sometimes do this for no reason...he was heavy for maybe two years....then he just started to thin maybe the boy wonder is just going the other way.... knw that i will be thinking of your family and I knw that your guys mind is going crazy......just have happy thought...I know thats easier said then you guys

Dakota said...

Thank you, Mimi. I hope we get similarily good news! We appreciate your kind thoughts.

Monogram Queen said...

I am really convinced the book thing is a huge SCAM! Hello!

also the blog name doesn't matter, the blogger does :)