Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 - What Will It Bring?

Another year ahead, full of promise and milestones. Sure, there is my graduation from law school, and hopefully, the passing of the bar, but there is so much more.

In just a few short weeks, our Little Princess turns four, and in April, Boy Wonder turns seven. How did that happen? How could it be we are out of onesies, bottles, diapers and strollers? There is no longer a need for baby bathtubs and Ju Ju Be diaper bags. Babies R Us is pretty much a place of our past. It is sad in many ways. They were such cute, cuddly babies. On the other hand, the big kids they are becoming are amazing and so much fun!

We can now play games together as a family, using most of the actual rules. We have family movie nights and mostly all watch the movie with interest. The kids engage in interesting, though often goofy, conversation, and consistently blow us away with their individual strengths; Boy Wonder's ability to read and master any video game; and our Little Princess's physical agility and uncanny vocabulary. It is amazing watching them turn into these remarkable people which it seems impossible we helped create.

Somehow, we have turned into a family with two kids - real kids - not babies, not toddlers, not a family that needs a high-chair or a booster seat at restaurants. We technically have a pre-schooler and a grade-schooler, moving confidently forward in the world, interacting with us in all new ways, and interacting with the world. Strange - and wonderful, too.


Lynilu said...

I loved my kids as babies and toddlers. They are so amazing in their wonderment of the world around them. Children are wonderful at all ages, however, and I agree with you, it is so much fun when they reach that age of interactive game playing. I promise you, Dakota, that every age has benefits, and as they grow, you'll marvel at each stage! Happy parenting!

Monogram Queen said...

It is amazing AND wonderful to watch them grow isn't it?!
I'm a little sad to see the baby stage go though. *sigh* Happy 2009

(In)Sanity Gal said...

How delightful to enjoy this journey with your family - it's so neat to "watch" them grow. :)r