Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Perspective on the times

It's a scary world out there. Has anyone else been feeling it? I'm not just talking about the war, and the frightening power-mad "leader" of the free world (using the term leader loosely). It seems like in the last few days I've gotten word, mostly from the blogging world, about bad stuff happening to good people. There's break-ups and babies being taken away from good parents and sick children and now, Ellen and the dog. It's just so much. Is anyone else outraged by the bad, bad people that took the dog away from Ellen's hair dresser's family? They don't care about animals...they care about...what? Paperwork? That's more important than the actual happiness and safety of the dog? Have we heard of the "spirit of the law"? Come on people!

I know that there is always bad stuff going on in the world, and how I process it is directly in response to what I choose to focus on. Rather than the negative, I need to focus on the positive. For instance, my kids are wonderful, amazing human beings and we have enough pictures of them to fill about a gazillion micro sds. Rather than fearing for their safety or health, I need to celebrate their lives and enjoy every moment I can with them. There is much good in the world. Sometimes, we just have to look more closely than others.

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patti_cake said...

It's true, there is still good in this old world but sometimes you have to really really look behind a bunch of crap!~