Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunny Skies - but I am Freezing!

Yesterday it got up to 70 degrees outside. It was gorgeous! Blue sky - multi-colored autumn leaves - perfect! Today is equally gorgeous. (Here comes the but...) Somehow, the sun has apparently signaled the building in which I work that summer is once again upon us and the air conditioning has kicked in. I am pretty sure that my hair should not be cold while sitting at my desk. I should not need to get high risk life insurance
just because I'm not getting up doing aerobic exercise in order to keep my body temperature at an acceptable level. Seriously though, I work at the end of a maze in cubicleland and it could be days before anyone realized I'd frozen back here. The poor person who wanders back to ask how to request a contract at a new site will be in for quite the shock. I think I may have to go outside to warm up!

1 comment:

patti_cake said...

I freeze in the house and at work, then I get outside and the humidity makes me sweat. I feel ya.