Thursday, October 04, 2007

UK Travel Insurance

Do you live in the UK and need travel insurance? If so, Covermytravels might provide some useful information for you. Their insurance covers such things as: Loss or damage to baggage, Loss or theft of personal money, Travel delays, and Cancellation of flights/transportation. They even cover hazardous activities such as SCUBA diving, hot air ballooning and archery. (Hello - if you think you need insurance for this one, you may want to find a different group of archery friends!) They also cover over 65 travel insurance.

The site itself is user-friendly, and offers tabs, similar to a notebook, so you can quickly find the insurance section that is right for you - single-trip, long-stay, family..etc. There is a FAQ section that provides some good information. You can also get a Quick Quote on-line.

I know that now that we have kids, we always check the travel insurance options that are offered. It's something to think about!

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