Monday, October 08, 2007

New Blog Announced

Hey folks, I just wanted to announce that I have started another blog! (Because I clearly have too much spare time!) This blog has a focus on balance, on finding meaning in life, and on being true to yourself. Is called:
Who You Are/What you Do. The brief description I've posted on the site describes the purpose as this:

Who you are" is not necessarily "what you do," or is it? This blog will explore how people find meaning in their careers and hobbies, and what it takes to integrate who you are with what you do.

I hope you will check out this site, enjoy it, and tell all your friends!

In addition, if you feel your "what you do" is in alignment with "who you are," or if you have other particular insight to share, I would love to interview you, and of course, provide a link to your personal blog or website. You can email me at the address on my sidebar.



PT-LawMom said...

What a great blog idea!! Who I am is not currently aligned with what I do but I'm hopeful that I can stay true to my inner calling and work on the types of cases that fulfill me and my clients when the time comes.

Lynilu said...

Sounds interesting! I'll stop by there later today to read and think. And yes, you definitely needed to fill your time with another blog. Duh. ;-)