Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mindless Fun

This weekend, even though we were all sick, was kind of fun. Wife and I stole a couple hours here and there watching the old Beverly Hills 90210 while the kids were in the living room watching their own shows. Another confession - we record the old 90210 series. It is such good, mindless fun and reminds us of "the good ol' days." It is really enjoyable to make fun of Brenda's drama, Kelly's bitchiness, Dylan's tragic life, Steve's self-centeredness....and the rest. Brandon, however, is still impeachable. Gotta love Brandon. Anyway, recording the show is fun - no commercials, no Foreman Grill, no nuphedragen, no latest craze exercise contraption. Just crazy teen/early 20-something drama. It was just our speed this weekend....and yesterday....and today. Wow - I hope I am better tomorrow!

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