Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Approaches

I love Halloween! Even though we have never really gone crazy with the decorations or created our own haunted house, it is one of those things that I love the idea of doing. There are so many wonderful, creepy decorations easily available these days, and costumes that are great.

I've only purchased a couple ready-made costumes in my adult life, preferring to create my own by going to a second-hand store, or raiding my own closet. The ones I have purchased though have been fun, and frankly, way easier than the do-it-yourself method.

A few years ago I was a knight - the costume came with pants, shirt, headpiece, and shoe covers that looked like boots....all very cool. This year I do not know what, if anything, I will dress as, but here is a great vampire costume. Is there anything more intriguing than a vampire?

Yes, I know this is a man's costume, but c'mon, does anyone who knows me really see me in a really short skirt and black stockings? I didn't think so. This is the perfect costume - long, black velvet cape, white shirt, vest, and for a touch of humor - a bat-shaped bow tie. Add my own black pants, and I would be set for the night! Another great thing about pre-made, store-bought costumes is that you can put them in a bag after Halloween, stow them away until needed, and all the parts are right there. No digging around to try to remember how you'd made the robot, the pirate, or the police officer in year's past.

In these last two weeks before the big night, there are bound to be lots of these great costumes on sale all over the place. Guess I should be considering this, especially since the kids like for us to dress up when we take them out trick or treating!


Lynilu said...

Ha ha ha!! Now, wait! Maybe the short skirt and black stockings would the the best costume ever!!!

No I can't see that, but it is a very funny idea!

Whatever you decide, we'll be waiting for pix, ya know!

Dakota said...

Lynilu - Oh, you are funny! I can go as The Most Uncomfortable Vampire Ever! *grin* I think I will stick to pants!

Proto Attorney said...

I love vampires, I'm nerdy like that. :) What are the kiddies going as?

Casey said...

Proto: Kelton will probably be Indiana Jones again. He just isn't sure yet. Kaylen has her Little Bo Peep costume ready to go and she can't wait! :)

nikk said...

I would pay to see you in a really short skirt and black stockings. How much tequila would it take to make that happen?

Dakota said...

Nikk - More money and more tequila than you have!