Sunday, October 11, 2009

Discovering an Old Favorite

I love discovering old TV shows that haven't been on for a while that I loved at the time, missed when they were over, and then slowly drifted out of my memory. Today, when I was surfing the web, I found an ad for Early Edition. Does anyone else fondly remember this show? It was about a guy whose newspaper frequently gave him tomorrow's headlines rather than today's, and he had the day to prevent whatever disaster was being forecast.

As I write about it, I realize this is very similar to Eli Stone, a more recent series that I totally loved, but that was apparently too cutting edge and controversial for mainstream TV (read: offended the religious right). I suspect there were many others with a similar formula, but Early Edition was definitely a good one, from about 10+ years ago. The main character was lovably charming, in a boy-next-door sort of way, and you always felt a little sorry that he had the burden of this "gift". He always managed to make the necessary alterations to the day's events so that things worked out in the end, and the headline's predicted disaster changed to a more favorable one. At least, that is the way I recall it. It would have to be that way, wouldn't it? Who would tune in to watch a guy fail week after week?

At any rate, I see this series, seasons 1 and 2 (which are probably all there were) is now on sale - do a Google Search, check, or maybe just check your favorite local store. Enjoy!

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Willow39 said...

I have Season one of Early Edition. I love this show! One of my favorites. I still havent bought the Season two that just came out. I thought about that show ever since it came off the air. I was very excited to see it on DVD. Nice to see somebody else who likes this show. Jeri