Friday, August 24, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I have few sayings posted up around my office, among the many, many pictures. One really caught my attention today. Maybe it is because school starts on Monday, and our family is about to have to adjust to a whole new routine. I'm going to miss them, and I know they will miss me. Wife is about to have to handle most things on her own 5 days and 4 nights of the week. She will definitely miss me :) Also, I really looked at my schedule to try to figure out when to read for each class. Wow. What was I thinking? So, here's the inspirational quote:

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."
-Chinese Proverb

We've done two years so far, we will keep right on doing it for two more years!


Casey said...

True! We're half way through. First year sucked, second year was much better so I am expecting this year to be even better than last. YOu can do this! I can do this! The kids can do this!

And winter break is a mere 16 weeks away. :) If you think about it in terms of the kids pregnancies, that isn't even enough time to have the ultrasound to find out their gender. 16 weeks - it's not *that* far away. :)

yankeegirl said...

Love that Chinese proverb. I was looking for a quotation for a speech and found this one I liked.
“Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn't have it in the beginning.” -Ghandi
Good luck with 3rd year. It sounds like you're doing a great job!

PT-LawMom said...

I love that! I'm adding it to my list of great sayings right now.

Anonymous said...

Law School Mama, I am new to reading your blog and I'm soooo thankful for it

I am thinking of applying to law school and wasn't sure about it at the ripe age of 36. And like you I have children expect instead of 2 I have 3 with a great husband.

What advice do you have for those of us looking to take the leap?