Monday, August 06, 2007

Delete All Blogs? Yes. NO!!!

Have you ever not read the little warnings your computer tries to give you before you do something stupid? Apparently, I have. Friday, I was doing a bit of computer housekeeping, and was deleting a couple blogs I once bookmarked, but rarely visited. Apparently, I highlighted the entire Blog folder within My Favorites, so when I said "Yes, I was sure I wanted to delete,"'ve got entire folder of bookmarks of blogs - gone. Damn.

I have tried to replicate the important parts. Hopefully, I will get them back by following comment links on my blogs, and those of others.

On the bright side, I had started using that folder for everything that was currently important to me, not just blogs, so it was getting clutterd. No clutter now!

Happy Monday!


Audra said...

i had something very similar happen. Only my computer died, so while i had to find all my daily visit links and add them on Dylan's laptop. it was not fun!

PT-LawMom said...

Noooo!!! Ugh. You can export your favorites into a file and e-mail them to yourself. I try to send all important things to my Gmail account because a) it saves everything and b) I can search for what I'm looking for. That said, if Gmail ever loses all my stuff, I'm screwed!!!