Friday, August 24, 2007

How Can We Slow Down Time?

Life's changes present us with bittersweet dichotomies, don't they?

Our little boy is about to start Kindergarten - he's so excited and so ready, and he is going to do great! I know it is what is best for him, and yet, he is our little boy who will now be out in the world, on his own, where he can be hurt by people and things and situations, all beyond our control.

Going back to school for me presents similar feelings - it will be fun to be back at school, learning new things, making progress on this path I've chosen, and yet, I will miss my family since most nights I will not be home until late. I will not see the kids until the weekends. Sad.

How do we slow down the next few days so we can enjoy every moment together? Perhaps a nice trip to the beach, or a Mendocino bed and breakfast, or Disneyland! No time for any of that really. So instead, we will go grocery shopping, clean the carpets, and enjoy family time at home. Any time is a good time for Tinkertoys, blocks and playing with the doll house!

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