Monday, August 13, 2007

Software for Everything

Has anyone else noticed that you can get software for just about anything these days? I found one that maps our your game plan in Disneyland for you, and another that provides a countdown until the minute you leave on vacation. There are software packages for personal finances, creating business plans, creating web sites, creating books about creating web sites, creating garden plans, financial consolidation software, seeing what different hairstyles and make-up would look like on you, teaching cooking, languages, and even parenting software. I think this latter is along the lines of "how to be a better one" than "how to become one," though I'm sure there is software for that,too! (Skip the all-too-easy hardware jokes, my friends.)

What did we do before all this creative software was available? To think we used to just read books!

1 comment:

PT-LawMom said...

This is very good for lazy people like me. ;) Now if they could just invent a program to clean my bathroom. Someday I really want a Jetson's house.