Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remember Dinners Before Kids?

I think most of the moms will be with me on this little jaunt down memory lane. Remember when you and your partner/spouse/wife/husband used to get to go to a restaurant and not have to spend your time uttering such phrases as, "Use your quiet voice," "Put the salt down," "Get up off the floor this instant," and the ever popular, "Do you want me to take you out to the car?" I'm not sure I remember the last time Wife and I went out for a nice meal alone.

How refreshing it would be to go to a restaurant with nice atmosphere, an ironed tablecloth, maybe a candle or flowers on the table, and no children! Would we find much to talk about besides the children? Probably for 8-10 minutes, but then, no, but that's OK, because our life is very much about them, especially Wife's whose very job is raising them. If we talk about work, sure, I have an outside job, but hers - the kids. That would be OK though. It would be good to not have to remind a dinner companion not to try to balance the milk on the end of the fork...and frankly, if Wife starts doing that, it's her business. She can clean it up if it spills.

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