Friday, August 17, 2007

A Different Kind of Relaxing

I've spent my morning dreaming of another Disneyland vacation, and figuring out how to raise the money to afford it! As I was reading message boards, checking prices, comparing hotels..etc., it dawned on me that I never even think about the availability of hot tubs at the hotel when we're heading to Disneyland. Pools - yes; hot tubs - not so much. I guess it is partly that we usually go in the summer, when sinking into a tub of hot water does not even sound relaxing, but also that "relaxing" and "Disneyland vacation" do not usually appear during the same thought process!

Oddly, as busy as we tend to be on Disneyland vacations, it is sort of relaxing - but more in the "things are right with the world" sort of way than the "lets soak in the hot tub" kind of way. Oh, right, then there's the kids :) They love hot tubs, but not really the relaxing in part as much as the splashing and testing out swimming skills parts. Relaxing takes on whole new realms once parenthood is entered, doesn't it?

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Audra said...

man, hot tubs are one of the best relaxation inventions ever!